Superducks from Amsterdam spotted in the Bay

Get a super ducking perfect beach body and spread happiness at the same time
Finally, a beach cape for ageless grown-ups! This Superduck cape was designed in Amsterdam and produced in San Francisco to make a day at the beach even more fun. Spread it out like an old fashioned towel, wear it and cuddle strangers on the beach or party like there’s no tomorrow, with a duckface no supermodel can copy. When the Superducks were first spotted in the Bay, people got so super excited that the makers decided to produce a limited edition of the capes specially for San Francisco beach lovers. Now, this raises the question: who let the ducks out?
For the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs from Holland, Eric (29) and Pieter (29) who invented the Superducks, there is nothing like the beach: happy people, constant waves and an endless supply of ice cream. But they just couldn’t find the right outfit for California beach adventures. After some soul, sand and shop searching they came up with the Superduck capes.
The Superduck cape comes in two colors – soft Duck White and dark Bay Blue. They are locally produced and made from extra soft bio cotton. The Superduck keeps your body warm and your privates private while changing clothes on the beach. The capes have buttons on their sides and on the nose so you can be as dressed up (and down) as you wish. Isn’t that ducking amazing?

The Superducks are waiting for a happy home and can be adopted on for a special pre-order price of $49.00. Every Superduck has its own name so you actually don’t buy, but adopt a Superduck. And yes, the adoption papers are included for your very own Superduck!